What do I have to keep in mind according to tax law, e.g. regarding my advertising contracts?

We master your challenge

Being a professional athlete you are used to provide peak sports performance. The same applies for you as a business person, but on a less exciting level: german tax law.

The earnings of an athlete can be very complex. Beside the club’s salary payment the income can include performance-related premiums and additional earnings from advertising contracts.

With the right know-how you can walk through the tax jungle more relaxed in the future. ALPHA SPORTS TAX helps you to understand book-keeping, tax and finance better and takes care of the annoying organizational duties in order to make the best of your tax return.

Professionals at your side

With tax accountant Marc Rommel and authorized officer Josip Landeka we could make two top experts for tax law join our team. They support and advise you and your family regarding all tax-based and business-management topics at home and abroad:

  • Sponsorship and equipment contracts
  • Appearances at home and abroad
  • Signing for a new club
  • Rides to the training ground and the venue of matches
  • Double housekeeping
  • Factual reference
  • Insurances
  • Financial and capital investments
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